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Hevolus Srl - VAT NUMBER/C.F. 05612750728 - Fully paid share capital € 100.000,00
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Hevolus is an international B2B companyspecialised in the research and development of innovative business models intended to transform processes and its customers experiences. It addresses the Retail sector of the furniture industry and of any company with an important B2B and B2C retail network. Hevolus deals with Corporate Open Innovation for the multinational company Würth.

All Hevolus business models are Ready to Go and are based on the use of disruptive technologies, such as Mixed Reality and Azure, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics and cognitive services.

Hevolus is one of the first Italian companies to achieve Microsoft accreditation for Mixed Reality.




Platform for remote assistance with Microsoft Hololens

Innovative holo-app for activities of remote maintenance and remote assistance.


Platform to configure logistic solutions with Microsoft Hololens

Innovative holo-app developed to present e configure on-site logistic systems with holographic technology and Microsoft Hololens.


Immersive 3D visualization platform of virtual stores, usable both in holographic mode with Microsoft Hololens and in immersive mode.

Applicabile to any retail sector, It supports retailers to offer a super-fun and emotional customer experience.

The store becomes infinite!


for retail industry

The new Customer Journey Map to improve the customer experience in the retail industry with the use of innovative tools based on technologies of virtual reality and mixed reality.


Tel: +39


VIA G. AGNELLI, 31-31/A 

70056 Molfetta (BA)